Widgets Can Backfire

Widgets are small piece of code that can be used to realize certain functions. Some widgets are popular, but some people have realized that we should use widgets with caution because widgets sometime can backfire.
For example, there are controversies over the overuse of widgets on blogs: Addthis, ShareThis: Save Space on Your Blog with Addthis, ShareThis.
There are controversy over the Recent Readers widget of MyBlogLog: MyBlogLog Let You Down? Why China Business Watch Changes MyBlogLog Widget.
Another very controversial widget is Blogrush.
And sometimes a small piece of code can make your sites down: SiteMeter Compatibility Issue Resolved.
If you read How to Make Blogs Load Faster, you definitely would agree that widgets sometime can backfire.
So we at China Business Watch have eliminated some widgets, because these widgets have outlived their usefulness.

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