Thousands of people world wide are pulled by China Business Watch each month. From newbies to internet marketing gurus, China Business Watch’s readership keeps growing in frenzy – and in fact loads of advertisers are craving to get an ad spot on this blog.
Because of the targeted traffic. China Business Watch is currently #1 in Google for the keyword “China Business Watch”
See for yourself: In the image above(you can click to enlarge), at the right side portion, you will see a special kind of listing called “Sponsored Links”. Those are the guys who pay Google to get listed on top of the results, they pay Google everytime someone clicks on their ad just to get a splash of the targeted traffic the keyword brings.
Now, you maybe asking how much are they paying? Have a look at the picture below:

That statistics, my friend, came from Google themselves. Yes, that’s right, the top 3 sponsored listings pay as much as $2.18 - $3.06 per click!
Staggering isn’t?
You don’t want to spend that much money just to get a trickle of traffic, because there’s a better way – that is targeted, affordable and most of all reliable.
As of now, I'm offering advertising spots on my blog for as low as $25 a month. Yes, $25. Imagine if you use that $25 to pay Google to get on the top 3 listings, you’ll get roughly 10 clicks with that. On my blog, clicks have unlimited potential with flat rate prices.
In accordance to that, here are other statistics of China Business Watch:
*900+ RSS feed subscribers daily
*Top 2000+ blog among 200 million world wide according to Technorati
*Stable traffic from major business blog directories
What Advertisers Are Saying:

I am more than impressed with the INSTANT INCREASE in traffic I have seen to all of our team members websites. Your website, China Business Watch, will remain a valuable resource in our team’s advertising co-op arsenal for a long time to come. It is exciting to have a successful and professional relationship with some of the brightest entrepreneurs on the internet. Keep up the great work buddy!
- -------------------------------Dave Pettyway of
Hexun Bizlike

Advertising Options
There are currently 4 advertising options available to choose from:
Option 1 - Text Link Ad
Ideal for sites who have a low budget. This type of ad can get as much clicks as the other ads if the right anchor text is used. If you can’t think of a good one, I can craft a text link for you free. Bold and colored text links and also available, drop us an email to if you are interested.
Currently Available: Reserve now for April 12
How Much: $25 Per Month

Option 2 - Sidebar Ad
Ideal for sites who have a medium budget and want a premium spot on this blog. The 125 x 125 square ads are one of the most visible areas on the blog.
If you don’t have a banner, I can make one for you free.
Currently Available: Reserve now for April 26
How Much: $40 Per Month

Option 3 - Footer Ad
Ideal for sites who have a high budget. This spot is one of the biggest ad spaces on the blog, with a whopping 468 x 120 in size, visitors will never miss it. It’s one of the most profitable spots in this blog.
If you don’t have a banner, I can make one for you free.
Currently Available: yes

How Much: $50 Per Month

Option 4 - Sponsored Review
A sponsored review of your website done by my online reviewer . The review will be honest as possible and may include a video with a minimum of 3 deeplinks to your site. It will be on top of the recent posts for 24 hours and will be on the frontpage of my site for more than 4 days.
How Much: $40

Questions? If you have any questions or want to buy in bulk, drop us a line at

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