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The other day, I read a post which list over 50 money makers for bloggers, and this post is entitled something like " definitive list of money makers”. The list seems to be quite impressive, but I have the following two points to share:
1. The quality of money maker is far more important than quantity. Do you think we are short of lists such as “the ultimate guide to make money” and “101 Ways to monetize this, etc”? They make good linkbaits, but who have the time and efforts to try every one of these money makers? For instance, once when “Paid Surveys” were mentioned, I commented that “I know for some affliiate marketers, they shun their answers when they are asked to talk about their opinions about paid surveys.” Some people learn their lesson the hard way
The conclusion is: Find the right one. use the ones that actually pay or are reliabe.
2. Every money maker is different on your part. Some money makers need constant efforts, some need a blog to start with, and some money makers have an accumulative profit-making effects, such as this even without a blog to begin with.
So, choose wisely and don’t put your efforts into too many baskets . Try to limit your money makers to the few best performers, organize them into a manageable group, and stick to them.
Here are the money makers that stand out. They have proven to provide good support and most importantly, on time payments. You can check them out.
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Thinkhost — The Easiest Money To Make Online : the title says all.

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HUBPAGES : five-star, blogging-compatible, and networking-friendly.

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