Online Security Alters to Scams

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. There are endless types of scams, designed to trick you and make money for the fraudsters behind them.
How can you tell?
A scam is designed to attract you, to persuade you and to defraud you. Fraudsters can make up any kind of stories.
Types of scams to look out for

Common features of scams:
You must pay fees up front.
You provide your identity in return for vast sums of money.
What should you do?
1. Knowledge is power: so, you should read something such as this tutorial and this post Money Mule Exposed. You can spread the words and make more people better informed.
2. The passive option: Don't reply to spam.
By replying to spam or by unsubscribing, you are confirming that your email address is 'live'. Confirming this will only generate even more spam. Therefore, just hit the delete button or use email software to remove spam automatically.
3. The active option: Turn them to Professional Scambaiting.
Let the professional scambaiting beat them because Scambaiting Is Waiting for Scammers.

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