Money Mule Exposed

Last time, China Business Watch talks about one form of cheating: Phishing. You can consult this post to know more about phishing and Nigerian Scam
The Nigerian Scam is also referred to as "Advance Fee Fraud", "419 Fraud" (Four-One-Nine) after a formerly relevant section of the Criminal Code of Nigeria, and "The Nigerian Connection" (mostly in Europe). However, it is usually called plain old "419" even by the Nigerians themselves. In brief, 419 is a sub-classification of Advance Fee Fraud crime in which the perpetrators are West Africans, primarily Nigerians, operating globally from Nigeria and elsewhere.
Here we have collected some materials to fight against phishing.
'Money Mules': The Hidden Side of Phishing at :
Mule Farming : This page contains a list of mule recruitment scams first detected during the spring and summer of 2007. All the emails on this page are confirmed scams. : The UK banking industry’s initiative to help banking users stay safe online.

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