Frequently Asked Questions

How can I advertise on China Business Watch?
Please read the advertise page to know detailed info about advertising here.

Can you provide links to printer-friendly versions of your articles, so I can print out just the content portion of each page without the navigation and ads?
Extra printer-friendly versions aren't necessary because all pages on China Business Watch are programmed to be naturally printer-friendly. Just click "Print" in your web browser while viewing any page of this site, and the page will be printed with nice formatting, an easy-to-read font, and no ads or navigational elements. If you'd like to see how the printed page will look before you actually print it, use your web browser's "Print Preview" feature.
Sharing articles from China Business Watch with your family, friends, and co-workers is encouraged, as long as this sharing is personal, not commercial, in nature. If you wish to reproduce articles more formally, such as in a newsletter or as part of a company training program, please contact us.

I'd like to send you a book, audio program, or other product for evaluation. Where should I send it?
Please read this get featured for free page first. Please be aware, however, that some requirements should be met.

May I link to China Business Watch from my site?
Yes, absolutely. Links are always appreciated. The preferred form is China Business Watch .

Can I republish or translate content from China Business Watchon my own web site, in my book, in my newsletter, etc?
For any online republishing or translation, the answer is no. You are, however, free to link to the original articles on China Business Watch. If you simply want to share one of China Business Watch 's articles with the readers of your own web site, the standard and fair practice is to quote a paragraph or two from the article and provide a link to the original source.
For offline reprinting or translation requests, such as if you'd like to republish an article in a book or newsletter, send your request via the contact page. Please explain: (1) which specific article(s) you'd like to republish, and (2) where and how you'd like to republish them. Reasonable requests are often granted.

I want to translate your entire web site (or a substantial portion of it) into another language. Can I have your permission to do this?
No. Many people have already made such offers, but we don’t intend to pursue this right now.

I have a special request to make of China Business Watch. How can I do this?
Due to the volume of special requests received, we must be very selective. Please see this article:ask us quesition. You can submit your request via that page.

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