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Have a question about something to do with one of our books, another technical topic, something so embarrassingly geeky that only another tech-head would appreciate, or even just a business or general interest question? We are always happy to hear from people who visit our site and will do our best to address your question in a timely fashion.
However, since we get tons of questions, we can't promise that we'll answer your question or that we'll even acknowledge it. We also often take a month or longer to get to submitted questions because of both the backlog and the fact that we have lots of other active projects and, well, a life too. :-)
We hope you aren't frightened by that backlog, nevertheless. At least, we here at China Business Watch are not.:-) . We read all questions we receive, then select the best, most interesting, or most common to address on the site.
So,you’re welcome to write to us as much as you'd like and if you're asking a technical question, please make sure to include sufficient detail so that we can fully grasp the problem.


Some examples of questions from readers of China Business Watch
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