Tips for Bloggers and Spam Appeal Process

Blogs have emerged from a humble beginning to become a highly networked mass of online knowledge and communication. Blogging is about sharing. The act of blogging makes information public through publishing online.
Wordpress and Blogger are two of the most popular blog service providers (BSP). See my review of or Wordpress? Why I Like Blogger
There is some advice for all the newcomers of bloggers.
1.Don’t delete your blog, even if you do want to work on it. Keep it there.
2.Don’t change your url or domain after blogging for some time.
The reason? Just read my recap of this:
I start my blog at http://myformer url。 more than 6 months ago, and I write about 149 Posts, all of which are original content. And I’ve never been involved in any spamming activities. Since my focus is on China Business Watch, so about 10 days ago, I changed the url of http://myformer url, to . I don’t want to lose the posts, so instead of deleting http://myformer url, , I change the url to in my dashboard. There are internal links in the posts, so I manually changed the http://myformer url. to chinabusinesswatch in the internal links of the posts, to avoid broken links for my readers.
About five days ago, my blog of was locked as possible spam. I immediately Request Unlock Review, yet five days passed, I didn’t receive any feedback.
What’s more depressing is to find that my former blog url http://myformer url。 has been hijacked. The blog of http://myformer url,, over which I have no control now, has been taken over by OEDEMERA and flooded with spam. My readers are still going to my old blog and getting all this objectionable material instead - in my name. This kind of behavior is very bad, and damaging my reputation. All I really want is if the URL could be given back to me so that I can have control over my own content again. If that cannot be done, I would want the blog http://myformer url。 to be deleted once and for all, to stop further damage to my reputation.
I think I’m not the only victim of such bad behavior aiming at bloggers. I search OEDEMERA, and find some other bloggers suffer the same way. This happens, when bloggers delete blogs or change their urls. Here are some similar cases of OEDEMERA hijacking, and It’s not easy to write posts of original content, and I have a deep feeling toward my blog. I enjoy the platform, and the immoral hijacking, from which some bloggers suffer, is not to be tolerated.
I’m grateful to and hope it can have a mechanism to stop such bad behavior directly aiming at bloggers. Finally I hope can understand what I mean, investigate the case to unlock my blog. I don’t want to give up blogging, and wish and all the bloggers well.
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This is what I wrote to Blogger Help. The Blogger Help is very helpful and co-operative, but don’t go through this unlocking appeal process just because of ignorance.

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