The secret of Getting Rich From Paid to Read/Click Programs

Hits4Pay is a Paid to Read email company that gives you direct earnings per each email you read, then bonus cash for each email your referrals read。Plus, you can totally get people to sign up by telling them about the FREE $10 sign up bonus they get, which puts them almost ½ way to earning their first check.

I have written about Hits4Pay like 4 times in the past week so if you are an avid reader of my work you're probably sick of hearing about them, but I am still in total shock over how much money I am making a day from them. You only need to make $25 to cash out. I am averaging $1 - $4 A DAY from their company!
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Similar PTC programs are listed later (and a powerful tool at hand, of which more later), but here let’s assume the following:
For just one site:
You click 10 ads per day = $0.10

20 referrals click 10 ads per day = $2.00

Your daily earnings = $2.10 Your weekly earnings = $14.70

Your monthly earnings = $63.00
Let’s say you join 10 sites, that you can increase you income by 10 times, $630.00 , not bad, right?

But that isn’t all about how to make big bucks off of PTC and PTR programs!
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With this power tool to automatically fill the login forms, you save your time and energy for better use. And this is the secret of getting rich from Paid to Read/Click Programs with minimal efforts.

All the following PTC are recommended to join:

1. Check Out Clix4Coins : FREE $3 sign up bonus

2. Check Out Daddybux

3. Check Out Advercash

4. Check Out Adbux

5. Check Out

6. Check Out PayClicks

7. Check Out RealBux

8. Check Out Adbuddy

9. Check Out Newbux

10. Check Out

11. Check Out Link Grand

12. Check Out Dollarclix

13. Check Out DreamClix

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