Get Paid to Republish your Articles

Some people often try to find new source of traffic to their blog, but this one, and a good one, is often ignored by bloggers: writing for certain sites, such as fact, bloggers can get paid to republish their articles
Thisisby allows authors to make money by the advertisements that are clicked on their articles. 50% of the advertising revenue goes to the writers who submit articles to their website. 10% of the revenue goes to commenters. In addition, affiliates earn 5% of whatever their referred friends’ posts earn.
The amount of money you generate per click is determined by your Goodness rating. A Goodness rating is the combination of your amount of page views and the total number of votes that you have generate every 24 hours.
So, “For example, say the site earns $40 in a day. $20 of that money goes to the writers. If you write one post and it earns 250 goodness that day, and all the posts together earn 1000 goodness that day, then you earn $5.” You are able to cash out as soon as you have made $25.
Now, here’s the benefits of writing some stuff for sites like this.
First, you are able to use these kinds of sites as totally free promotion for your site. You are allowed to republish articles that you have used elsewhere. So it’s an excellent way to generate more traffic and make even more money.
Second, is a PR 4 site. So you are able to get totally free links that can raise your page rank.
To check out Thisisby, click HERE.

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