Exoclick.com - Alternative PPC Provider

This PPC provider named Exoclick.com is venturing into various monetizing avenues for their publishers. They are offering the whole suite of platforms including text link ads, ad boxes, domain parking with their many categorized web portals, webmaster forum and even the newly launched ppc search engine.
A company based in Barcelona, Spain; they claim to focus on traffic conversion and provide cutting edge services for their publishers and advertisers. Their current minimum payment and methods are $10 for Paypal/Epassporte and $100 for Mail check.
In order to be an approved publisher in Exoclick network, you must first generate a minimum of 100 clicks and then, contact them via email for final approval.
Let's give their ad box setup a try using the keyword ‘money‘ and see what we get with 3 different ad sizes. As you can see from the ads below on the screenshots, they are all similar. Exoclick does open up a great advertising avenue for those publishers with an adult or gambling related blogs.

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