Habits of Successful Bloggers

This title can be understood as this one: What is the formula for success on line? And some of the readers of China Business Watch often ask us how to build traffic.
Some people may say good content + good traffic.
Good content means great—and free—Web content that anyone can enjoy, whether it’s a video, blog entry, interactive tool, or e-book.
On the other hand, good traffic equals more visitors? You can simply say yes. This is technically right, but for the successful bloggers, the real meaning of “more visitors” include return visitors and new visitors. So, to have more return visitors and new visitors, we should accordingly pay attention to creating good content that provides valuable information (or is groundbreaking or amazing ) and SEO that can help gain more new visitors.
So, “good traffic” is the result, instead of cause, of what Bloggers do. So what do successful Bloggers do?
They do three things:
1. They create the right content. This is mainly about providing genuine value.
2. They do SEO. This is to gain more new visitors
3. They interact with their visitors. Your return and new visitors are a network of people who can light the fire and blog about you and your links that make your content very easy to share. In fact, some big names do virtually no marketing for their sites at all. Their visitors do it for them. This is about retaining visitors, and also about crowdsourcing and viral marketing, or networking, or word-of-mouth marketing. You name it.
As you can see this formula isn’t based on tricks or techniques that will go out of style. More visitors will come to your site, not because you trick them into doing it but simply because they want to.
To be moderately successful, you must at least do one of the three things. To be extremely successful, you have to do all the three things. They have become of habits of successful bloggers.
What’s your blog marketing stragety and traffic-building strategy?

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