500 New Friends in Technorati Fave Fans

I plan to reach 500 new friends in Technorati Fave Fans. This Technorati Fave Exchange Program is very simple. The steps are:
1. You add me in your Technorati Fave, leave a comment with your link and Fave link here by commenting below.
2. I access your site and add you in my Technorati Fave ASAP.
3. If you have an avatar, the avatar also will appear here (What I need is your comment and your Technorati add url that i can also add you and have you listed). So, this is also a Technorati Avatar Exchange Program for you.
This program is a win-win two-way arrangement for everyone, and it can lead to the discovery of more interesting blogs and ideas, and this is a kind of networking we have talked about before. So let's begin:
Add to Technorati Favorites

Remember the rule to make friends is to be mutually beneficial. Everybody wins.

You can spread this Technorati Avatar Exchange Program. I really hope I can make 500 friends and to remember every one of my Technorati Faves. Stumbling and giving a feedbck is recommended!
If you don't see your link up after a day or two, please feel free to send me an email. My Email address is bizlike@tom.com .

p.s. Networking is an important factor for success and anyone that has launched a new business or website knows how important it is to have a steady group of supporters. If you are very serious about networking, see our more network programs.

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