New Blog Be Indexed in the First Day:Tips and Tricks

It’s difficult for a new blog to be indexed by major search engines. But here China Business Watch has collected some tips that can help your new blog be indexed in 1 day!
The basic ideas here is to make use of the existing websites where Google bots crawl everyday to index new contents. There your blogs can be indexed in the first day.
1,HubPages:Submit your new blog articles to HubPages。HubPages is an internet community where users can publish content, gain information about a specific topic or both. There you post your blog articles as a hub.A Hub is a rich web page that you write and design. Each time you want to write another article, you'll create another Hub. It's just like in a website, which has multiple web pages. There your article will be indexed soon. We have a review about Hubpages.
2, :Submit your new blog articles to In fact, bloggers can get paid to republish their articles at Thisisby . And your blog will be indexed very quickly. You can consult this review post about for detail.
3,Join Community such as MyBlogLog: when you join MyBlogLog, you can post your blogs there. If you want to Join China Business Watch MyBloglog Community, click the green picture at the sidebar or just Join China Business Watch MyBloglog Community! right here.
4,Comment and Comment: Comment in your favorite blogs. This will help search engine spiders to find your new blog. Some bloggers add a no follow tag but no follow tag only affects the PR aspects , so Google bots still follow the nofollow tag to index your blogs. (p.s. Do not spam!. )
Using these tips your new blogs will be indexed in major search engines such as MSN, Yahoo and Google in 1 day. Sometimes following just the above 1 tip or 2 tips only can get your new blogs indexed.

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