Summer Vacation Plan of China Business Watch in 2008

Regular readers of China Business Watch know that we value productivity and put it in as one of the principles of our philosophy and writing styles: clear thinking and clear expression.
Sometimes to boost your productivity, a bit of change or rest is the right thing to do. “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”. In fact, this quotation is used by one of our people at China Business Watch in his email to suggest a tour destination for this summer.
The headquarters of China Business Watch is in Vancouver, Canada, and we have offices in California, and the three major trade centers of China: Shanghai, Beijing and Zhengzhou.
Some guys email us, and say that they world like a tour in China this year. Not a bad suggestion. We can have a bit relaxation in this tour, and when time is right, we can watch some of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Who knows?
Here are some of pics of the cities in which our offices are located.

Shanghai CBD
Zhengzhou Trade Tower and Shanghai Road

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