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In this exciting era, we believe that sharing and networking is the best way to survive and succeed. China Business Watch, as the leading provider of resources for blog marketing, business strategy, China business and marketing tips, is committed to promoting useful knowledge and information to make everyone a better-informed person.
We have two exciting options for all the respected bloggers to present their best part, which enables almost any blogger to participate in this way or that.
Option One: Submit your blog to Cool Site
Cool Site is a column@ China Business Watch, which features a website or blog that we think is worth mentioning after a review. There is no cost to submit.
Cool Site @ China Business Watch couldn't exist without you (or, especially, the more than 40 web sites that have earned the Web's highest honor since 1999).
Submitting your site to Cool Site@ China Business Watch is a wise idea. If chosen, your site will be featured as the daily Cool Site@ China Business Watch and announced to our email list of over 1,500 unique members! And it does not stop there... just think about the network China Business Watch has been enjoying.
So, it’s time to tell the World about Your Site...
What to do now:
1. Tell us about your website, including the following information:
Web site name:
A brief introduction of your site:
What’s special about your site?
2. You send the email to Cool Site:
3. Your site might be featured as the daily Cool Site@ China Business Watch.

Option Two: Submit your post and get the opportunity to be featured for free
Every people have different ideas and different techniques about online business. CBW values creativity and constructive brainstorming. Submit your post and get the opportunity to be featured for free.
We feel that different perspectives and exchange of ideas are conducive to open thinking and creativity so we are currently looking for guest bloggers, writers who want to share their own point of view about business and related issues such as blog marketing, marketing tips, business strategy, link building, making money online. It’s your time to be discovered.
What You’ll Get:
Lifetime Link on China Business Watch – This will give you long lasting increase in your search engine rankings.
Readership Growth – Hundreds of readers are swamping in this blog everyday, more exposure for your blog then!
Full credit on your post – You can put your author box on top, middle or at the bottom of your post.
(Sidenote:We are looking for quality articles here. Not just some self promotion, but you can do that in your author box. Besides, the better the article that you post, the more likely the readers will go and visit you blog.)
A minimum of 300 words per article
Uniquely written by the author
Exclusive for this blog only (Means that you can’t post it anywhere else)
Affiliate links are allowed but please, not that much!
What to do now:
Write an article
Email us your article.
We check it and post it when the above requirements are met!

China Business Watch helps you succeed!

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