StumbleUpon to Combat Visitor Homogeneity

StumbleUpon is a great site for people to share and find what interest them easily, by human reviews of the sites submitted. This approach is different from search engines such as Yahoo or Google. Search engines basically locate the sites by key words, and another group of sites locate the sites by human recommendation, i.e., human reviews, and by tagging. (Later I’ll write a post about the usefulness and the limitations of search engines using key words from the perspective of human knowledge discovery. )
StumbleUpon has a much higher proportion of Firefox users -- and in particular, a much larger proportion of people who use browser extensions -- than a typical audience. In essence, StumbleUpon's early-adopter user-base is much more privacy and security conscious than the typical internet user, and they block tracking services as a result.
What does this mean? Well, it means that the traffic from StumbleUpon is a bit different from the traffic from other sources such as search engines. This difference is the right way to combat visitor homogeneity. Simply speaking, StumbleUpon provides us with another way to discover more interesting blogs and ideas, and more interesting visitors.
Here we have a Stumble Exchange program. The rule is simple:
1. you Stumble this blog or any post of this blog.
2. leave a comment with your link below.
3. I Stumble your link.
You can add me at to your Stumble Upon friends, and we can get to know each other better. Maybe we can have further ideas to explore.
There are still a few link building programs for everybody here, but I don’t want to make it too hard for Blogger or crash your server. So I have to phase the programs in. Stay in touch, and don’t forget to subscribe to the feed. You will be informed promptly via the feed.

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