Pictures of Wenchuan before the Quake

Last time we report that Earthquake of Magnitude 7.9 Strike Eastern Sichuan,China . The latest news is the death toll has risen to about 69000.
If you’re not there or have not lived through a disaster yourself, you have no idea of the scope of damage and devastation to millions of individual lives. It is truly heart wrenching to think that your beautiful home, your co-workers, your friends even families can suddenly be no more.
Here are some pictures of Wenchuan, the epicenter of this Mag. 7.9 earthquake, before the quake. It had very beautiful scenery.

Wolung, the growth center of giant pandas, was not far from the epicenter, yet luckily no pandas were injured in this quake. All the giant pandas are now rescued out of Wolung to a safer place.

The rescue efforts are still being carried out in an orderly way. The government has played the important role in organizing and coordinating the rescue efforts, and there are many heroism and moving spectacles in the rescue efforts.

Our prayers, thoughts and financial support go out to all those affected (directly or indirectly).

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