Business and Friendship: a Win-Win Situation

Two of the natures of Internet are sharing and networking.
Sharing what you have with others can help the people in need. For example, you can get the new services invitations at InviteShare and this is also why we support Love-in-Action.

Networking is an important factor for success and anyone that has launched a new business or website knows how important it is to have a steady group of supporters willing to give you attention from the onset.
Reciprocation is a basic aspect of culture and society. A lot of the cross-promotion you see online is the result of intentional reciprocation; doing something for someone because he or she did something for you. And we may do something for someone with the hope (conscious or not) that someone may repay the favor in the future.
This rule requires that one person try to repay what another person has provided. By obligating the recipient to an act of repayment in the future–the rule for reciprocation allows one individual to give something to another with the confidence that it is not being lost.
Bloggers are just people with the same emotions. They warm up and react more positively to close friends or people they know well. This is only natural and something I do myself in everyday life.
The decision to comply with someone’s request is frequently based upon the Rule of Reciprocity. Reciprocation is key to developing deeper relationships because it clearly shows your interest in not just benefiting yourself but the other person. It makes him or her more willing to invest time or resources on you.
So, befriending and getting to know the person behind the blog is very important, so make use of direct communication channels like IM or even the phone.
My philosophy on online networking is simple: make more friends than enemies, avoid deceit and always seek a mutual win-win outcome.
We should never forget a favor and I always try to reciprocate whenever possible, be it in the form of a vote, a link or a favorable mention to someone related. This is a personal principle I practice in life as I find that it does help me to achieve my personal goals.
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