Feedburner Feedflares: Great Way to Promote Blog Content

Many people use Feedburner to manage their websites(including China Business Watch), yet not everyone has noticed the Feedburner Feedflares. These feedflares can promote your blog posts outside the boundaries of feed readers.
First,sign up with Feedburner and create a Feedburner feed for your site.
Then, click on the ‘Optimize‘ tab near the top of the dashboard and then look for the ‘Feedflare‘ link on the left sidebar. Click on it and you’ll see a list of the official feedflares available. You can then pick the ones you fancy and scroll down to the bottom of the page to arrange and activate them.
List of Feedburner Feedflares
I’ve limited this list to the number of feedflares which I think are the most essential.
Social Bookmarking/Voting/Sharing Feedflares
These feedflares encourage your subscribers to share your content on social voting/bookmarking websites.
Save to del.icio.us - This shows the number of saves and the top tags for the item at del.icio.us. Definitely a feed flare worth having, especially if your readers are web savvy and heavy del.icio.us users.
Digg This! - Displays the number of Diggs and comments for the item at digg.com and lets readers Digg the story. Quite useful because Digg is the largest social voting website around with the greatest number of users.
Email This - Allows you to email the current item using a web-based email form.
Stumble it! - Submit to StumbleUpon, with dynamic count of number of reviews.
Interaction/Communication Boosting Feedflares
These feedflares can help to improve the way your subscriber interacts with your site content. They generally encourage greater reader participation through on-site comments as well as direct communication between you and the reader.
Subscribe to Comments (WordPress only) - Links to the comments-specific RSS feed for this post. This is generally more useful for blogs which receive a large amount of comments.
Track with co.mments - Track all comments on this post. Adds the post to your co.mments tracking list. Co.mments may not have a large audience but this offers an alternative method which helps your audience to keep track of the comments on your blog.
Social Proof Feedflares
These feedflares provide social proof, which comes in the form of how many people who read or link to your content. This roughly demonstrates the popularity of your site.
Technorati Cosmos Links - Displays the number of links to your item from blogs, as measured by Technorati. If there are no links, this Flare will not appear. This demonstrates how well linked your content is and perhaps, suggests that others should link to it as well. (Official Feedflare)
Comments Count - Lists the number of comments posted to an item. This is quite an important feedflare as it encourages people to click through to your blog to read the comments.
You may have noticed that China Business Watch has been using Feedburner Feedflares. At the foot of every post ,there are quick links to some Feedburner Feedflares. You can Stumble It! • Add to del.icio.us• or Share on Facebook if you enjoy China Business Watch.
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