or Wordpress?Why I Like Blogger

According to Alexa, is among the top 20 of all the websites in the world. The number of Blog Service Providers(BSP) is numerous, but stands out. has great layout and it has built out a fantastic Help site.
The feedback of is ok. With Status, you see the state of things. This site serves to keep Blogger users informed about Blogger's development, upgrades, outages and related issues. Here, they will detail problems that exist and what's being done about them. is funny. Play is an incredibly simple yet slick photo scroller, showing in real-time the photos people are sharing on their blogs. It's a fascinating way to observe humanity's pulse, as events happen at micro- and macro-levels around the world.
Of course, is not perfect, but so far it’s among the best BSP. And many news ideas are coming in the Blogger in draft .

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