Best Facebook Apps:Your Productivity Booster

For many times we have talked about the importance of productivity and the various ways to boost your productivity, either by using the right softwares, adopt the right business strategy, implement the viable business model , or just change your own habits. Right choices mean less waste of your time and resources, and ultimately higher productivity.
While many people use Facebook to connect with friends and colleagues, Facebook can also help you get things done. With Facebook apps - third-party plugins - you can make Facebook into your own personal work center. Among the thousands of Facebook apps out there, here are some apps to boost your productivity.
Writing helps
Edit documents with Documents, a collaborative text editor.
Use Picasa within Facebook with the Picasa app; you can upload photos, resize them, share images, and more.
View your Google Calendar events within Facebook with the GCal app.
Stay on top of the hip and the happenin' with the application; get info about events before they happen.
Share what you're reading via the Google Reader app; displays only your shared items.
Files gives you up to 1 GB of free online space from which to share any kind of file: text, audio, video, etc. (Requires a account.)
Swap and share files with Divshare, up to 200 MB in size.
Keep track of your Netflix queue with the Netflix application - you can view others' lists as well.
Of course, there are many more Facebook apps that are productive, so tell us your favorite Facebook applications in the comments.

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