Management of Communication Medium: About Your Productivity Issue

The medium of communications is many nowadays: IM, Email, RSS, phone, and the lack of medium: a face-to-face meeting.
I use Gtalk a lot and I'm a big fan of Twitter. The Twitter service is essentially public instant messaging. For me, instant messaging( IM) is very time-consuming and leads to more disturbing and low productivity. And, IM, even the public kind, still has its limitations as a communication medium. In fact, many people abuse instant messaging, and the info noise is very disturbing.
We have compared e-mail and RSS, both of which have some limitations. Email sometimes can let one very easily misunderstand what was going on. For people that are trying to do strategic or complex things through email and it's the wrong pipe to be using. In this kind of situation, phone and even a face-to-face meeting are recommended.
For the rational users of medium of commutation, knowing the limitations of the medium of communication and knowing the need to escalate the conversation to a more appropriate communication medium is a must.
I have shared this post to many of my friends and many of them say they have never thought about it before and that this post seems to have been written just for him/her. And in my circle of friends, info noise seems to go down.
The management of communication medium is important. The choice of communication medium is limited by the time and place, and most importantly, by you and your partners. After you and your partners know when to switch from IM to email, from email to phone, and when have a face-to-face meeting, I’m sure You'll have a more productive conversation when the right choices are made.

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