E-mail is dying? No, E-mail Will Survive

Before we come to the conclusion, let's first face this highly related question:how Can RSS/XML Syndication Help you?
As the publisher, XML Syndication can help you to reach a significantly wider audience and reduce overhead associated with previous distribution models. This fosters a new and much more enriching environment for organizations already distributing e-mail newsletters and updates.
E-mail requires the exchange of personally identifiable information: the user's e-mail address. Because of SPAM, users are now reluctant to release their e-mail addresses to anyone they do not know, or will provide your company with a false or unchecked e-mail address. XML Syndication requires no such transfer of personally identifiable information.
Further, e-mail requires that you maintain a list of e-mail addresses representing your distribution list. In addition, the recommended best practice of the e-mail distribution model is to provide users with easily accessible functions to add or remove themselves from your distribution lists. With XML Syndication, publishers are no longer burdened with maintaining any such list.
Even further, e-mail requires that you conduct a transaction with one or many SMTP servers to transmit your content to users. Afterwards, the SMTP server must then transmit the message to each individual user, which is time-consuming with large lists. Services are available to perform this function for e-mail publishers, but these services are a repeating cost. XML Syndication completely alleviates the encumbrance of individualized transmission.
But despite all these advantages RSS enjoy, its disadvantage is vital: RSS is a one-way communication. E-mail, however, can be a two-way communication, which is essential to the success of many aspects of business today, such as customer service, price bid, and negotiation. So, RSS can’t replace e-mail, and e-mail will survive.

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