Huaneng Unveils New Energy Company In Xinjiang

Huaneng Xinjiang Energy Development Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Huaneng Group, has been formally unveiled in Urumqi, the capital city of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.
Following the establishment of the new company, Huaneng will speed up the group's development of coal, coal chemical and coal power integrated projects in the east part of Junggar Basin in Xinjiang and the development of water power and wind power projects in Kergez Autonomous Prefecture of Kizilesu.
Xinjiang is an important part of China's West Development initiative. The region's petroleum and natural gas reserve accounts for more than 30% of China's total and coal mine resource takes up China's 40%. Besides, it also has rich water and wind resources.
Huaneng Group is an incorporated business entity that primarily focuses on the development of power with a diversified business portfolio, including information, environment protection, transportation and trade.

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