Netvibes Is OK?Google Reader and Blogline FeedDemon More Reliable?

It’s very surprising to find that my netvibes is not working property today. Netvibes says many of my feeds are not working properly or invalid. This is simply not true because I have used Google Reader and Blogline desktop reader FeedDemon at the same time. Both Google Reader and Blogline FeedDemon are performing well.
I use netvibes, just because as my startpage, I can quickly scan the news and tech news at a glance, without switching from tab to tab within other rss readers. This is a great time-saver for me, due to the large info load of my 500+ RSS feeds. The drawback of setting netvibes as my homepage, of course, is its slow loading; I have to make a compromise in this regard.
In fact, before I began to use RSS a few years ago, I set Google as my homepage, which loads really fast. But now, the time spent on searching is far less than spent on reading aided by RSS readers. Overall, Netvibes is a very good service.
I just write a letter to Netvibes group, hope they can reply promptly.
Do you think Google Reader and Blogline FeedDemon more reliable? What RSS readers do you guys use?

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