RSS Icon:Optimal Position To Place RSS Button Icon

Last time ,we share some wonderful RSS button icons and you can customize them to your satisfaction.
But we find some bloggers somehow are paying little attention to the question of what’s the best position for their RSS button. The most beautiful design doesn’t serve its purpose if the visitors of your web-site can’t find an easy way to subscribe to your feed. While some designers put an enormous RSS icon in the middle of the page, the other ones place it at the bottom of the page, making it harder for users to find it. The funny thing is that enormous RSS buttons are indeed more effective.
If the feeds are properly declared in the source code, browsers recognize it and offer visitors a choice of available feeds. Besides, most browsers also use an auto detection-function to find the feeds automatically. Therefore visually appealing icons and buttons serve not only the purpose to animate visitors to subscriptions; they also point visitors’ attention to the fact that the subscription via RSS is available.
An optimal position for RSS-icons is the area that surrounds your logo and the top area of your site. The lower an RSS-icon is placed, the little subscribers you’ll be able to get.
Of course, the best position depends on the layout and design of the site. For instance, if the design is based only upon black and white, it’s enough to place an orange RSS-button in the sidebar. And if a site uses too many colors an RSS-icon at the top of the page won’t help, because users won’t be able to perceive at as a single design element. An optimal position can be determined with usability tests or heatmaps.

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