Applying Custom Colors to RSS Buttons

It’s great to have a standard icon for feeds, but let’s be honest here... orange isn’t for everyone.
Fortunately for you, I’ve included some beautiful icons which can be easily coloured using Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. I would recommend that only those that are familiar with Illustrator go that route. While the Photoshop method doesn’t produce quite the same amount of colour
variation, it’s very easy and should take you under a minute to apply.
Instructions for Photoshop method:
1. Save the files into a folder and open whichever size you would like. For instance, if you want
to add a 16 pixel icon to your site, open feed-icon-16x16.psd.
2. Right-click on the “feed icon” layer in your layers palette. Press F7 if it’s not already visible.
3. Select “Blending Options” from the menu that appears.
4. Click on “Color Overlay”. This will apply Color Overlay and if you have Preview selected, you
will see the icon is now solid red.
5. Change the “Blend Mode” to Color.
6. Click on the colour swatch to change the overlay from red to your preference.
7. Click ok once you’ve settled on a colour.
8. “Save For Web” in whichever format you’d prefer and you’re done!
Wasn’t that easy?

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