RSS Button Icons to Share: Beautiful RSS Icons

RSS has become an important part of blogs and websites. RSS makes things easier on the reader’s part, and bloggers can submit their blogs for RSS content syndication.Even if a website is not RSS-friendly or Atom-friendly, some tool can handle it.

I can remember many times I leave a blog without subscribing to its RSS, only later spending hous in trying to find that blog again, by searching donzes of times, often unseccessfully, just in order to read a certain paper which I want to consult then. Such experiences are frustrating, yet seems perpetual.
In fact, subscribing doesn’t hurt at all, and can be a potentially vital time-saver when time comes.
On the other hand, many bloggers try to make it easy for their visitors to subscribe to their RSS. Many RSS Buttons are really a treat to your eyes. Here are some beautiful RSS button icons for you to share. And don't forget to subscribe to China Business Watch RSS on the right coner of the page, if you enjoy China Business Watch.

(Web 2.0 RSS Buttons)

(Shadowed RSS Buttons)

(standard RSS Button)
If you need more icons of RSS Button, you can make your own RSS Button.I plan to write a short tutorial on Making your Own RSS Buttons.

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