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Note: This is an introduction to a list of sites where AdSense publisher can use their own AdSense IDs to earn money

Waht Is Shareapic? Shareapic is a free service that allows its users to upload and host images. Shareapic has a unique revenue sharing model that compensates users for spreading their images.

There are three things that l enjoy shareapic most.

1. Since i am a ebay user, i make full use of photos which are uploaded to ebay . Normally you get like 10,000 viewers on a particular item that you are selling, and just imagine if are paid per 1000 views at $0.22 then 10,000 would make up to $2.20. With that amount, you can pay for your ebay fee and even get a feature spot for your item. You may ask: How do I get paid? Well, Shareapic's states that users are paid as long as your account balance is over $20.00.I am already part of shareapic for the past 2 weeks and i have chalked up $12, I'm closing in to my first $20 payout, you may want to join shareapic .

2.Integration revenue sharing with Adsense
Shareapic is part of the Google adsense revenue share, and they have a function to include your adsense PUB-xxxxxx into the page where your picture and ads will show together.
Generate revenue with adsense and one of the way is through adsense revenue sharing.

3.Creating unlimited galleries
Shareapic gives you unlimited galleries which you can have as long as non of the pictures goes against their TOS.

So, click the button below

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