BlogRush Review: a brilliant way to Drive Traffic to Your Site

Recently I stumble upon a good service, a wonderful widget to be exact, that really delights me. This widget is BlogRush. It's a very efficient way to exponentially drive tons of Traffic to Your Site, plus it's free..
You may wonder how is it possible?
Well, here is how. Blogrush utilizes a viral concept which operates via a pyramid-style, multi level structure. This means that you get more traffic when you refer more people (who in turn refer others) to sign up and use Blogrush.
I recommend taking a look at BlogRush's video introduction on the home page to get an good feel of how their network works.
For those of you, who would prefer to read, here's how BlogRush functions:
Sign up for a free account and register your blog by submitting your blog feed and picking a category. Place the widget on your blog and 5 links to other relevant blogs will show up within the widget (see my sidebar for an example).
Earn one credit whenever a page on your blog loads: this means that your latest post will be shown 1 time on other blogs with the widget. For example if your blog has 200 pageviews, your latest post will be displayed 200 times within the widgets on other blogs.
Refer others to sign up and install the widget. The number of pageviews your referee gets will be added to the number of times your blog titles will be shown within other blog widgets. For example, John signs up under your referral link and his blog has 500 page views.
This means that your blog title will be shown 500 times on blogs within your category, in addition to the number of views you are already getting for displaying the widget on your own site. This goes on for 10 referral levels. And, this is precisely what the word exponentially really means.
It's pretty simple and cool. So go sign up for BlogRush if you get a chance, and you could get a whole bunch of free relevant traffic to your blog!

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