How to Increase your traffic with RSS?

RSS is a content delivery channel that allows you to easily deliver internet content to your target audiences. RSS content is delivered through RSS feeds --- simple files structured in a specific way [xml]. These files include some basic information about the RSS feed (such as RSS feed title, logo, description, URL etc.) and the actual content in the form of individual content items.

RSS is a simple to use publishing tool, which allows you to easily get your internet content delivered to your subscribers and to other web media. From my own experience of RSS submission, my traffic increased sharply after the first week, then drop somewhat after a week. Yet, the overall traffic is much better than before. Besides, my regular readers increase, because RSS makes it convenient for the readers to follow the new content of his favorite blogs and websites.

To take advantage of this, you can submit your blog or site feed to top RSS and feed directories like RSS Network, Syndic8, 2RSS, RSSfeeds and YourFeeds. And I'm sure you can feel a similar increase in your own traffic.

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