Logo lightens Your Blog

Logo is the visual representation of your company or organization. It is the name, symbol, monogram, emblem, trademark or any other graphic representation designed for easy and definitive recognition by your company audience.
Importance of Logo
Graphics is what separates the wonderful from the good, the good from the ordinary and the ordinary from the awful. Graphics is what builds trust in the product. They make the first impression on the mind of the customer. If your graphics aren’t good enough, your product will be passed over as just another second-rate product.
Logos trigger people's memories of previous experiences with the company, leaving a greater impact than words alone can do. Logo itself is the simplest and direct way of promoting a business. It describes a company without lengthy explanation. A well-designed logo will help your business to increase visibility and in turn, sales.
What makes a Good Logo
Don't be too flashy and try not to include too much information. These can have a negative impact. Complex designs representing all aspects of your business and long tag lines are fine in their place, but not as part your logo. The logo type and imagery should be instantly recognizable, up close and at a distance.
Logos with rich colors and rich illustrations may be difficult to use in certain applications. A good logo design should consider all potential implementations.

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