How To Increase Your Link Popularity ?

Basically, there are two ways to increase your link popularity:
Reciprocal Links
These are link exchanges you do with other webmasters. You place their link on your website ... they place your link on theirs, and
One-way, Incoming Links
These are non-reciprocating links pointing to your website. Those links come to you from posting articles, giving testimonials, using Internet forums, and so on.
Why Does Link Popularity Play Such an Important Role in the Success of Your Internet Business?
Because organic search engines, such as Google, factor in a site's link popularity when determining that site's ranking. The more quality links pointing to your site, the better search engine ranking you'll get.
I'm sure that you know search engines are the gateway to the Internet. They are the first resource most potential customers use to find the products and services they want. This is why link popularity is so imperative to the success on you online business.
If your potential customers can't find your website, there is no window of opportunity to make any sales.
Search engines are discretionary, giving status and ranking to sites that have links to their pages from related, quality sites. It's a simple formula, but a very important one. Google created the system, and now virtually all the most popular search engines employ it to rank your web pages in their indexes.
The more commonly used your keyword is, the harder it will be to achieve link popularity, but without achieving this step, it is almost certain your site will never rank highly on any search engine. But don't be discouraged. There are tried and true ways of achieving link popularity such as Tips Roundup of Entrecard ,How to Increase your traffic with RSS? and Another source of traffic: directory submission .
But I must point out that good link popularity is not achievable in the blink of an eye. It will take some time and a good deal of work.

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