ScienceHack: Science Videos Search Engine

All knowledge workers of today need to constantly get access to the latest breakthrough in science and technology. Internet and good webapp can make this learning process easier. And our post about Best Tech Video Collections: Best Tech Videos and Videojug is one of the efforts to facilitate our learning here at China Business Watch.
Recently I’ve been using a service offer by ScienceHack.
What is ScienceHack? ScienceHack is a unique video search engine for science videos.
So far ScienceHack has indexed videos of such subjects as physics, chemistry, and space. And the blog of ScienceHack says that Geology, Psychology, Robotics and Computer are coming soon:

For the fans of Facebook, ScienceHack understands your needs. ScienceHack offers a Facebook App, making it easy to integrate it into your productivity system of facebook.

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