InviteShare:Your Passport to New Services

For any company, big or small, to survive, stability is vital, which includes the stability of market demand, financing, and human resources, etc. I don’t want to go into details such as the Bear Stearns and the like( You can read the investment posts ).
It’s the same for any Internet business, so I’m not someone who hurries to try this service or that service frequently, when these services are not very stable. In fact, I’m a litter worried about beta, even if I do use the beta services like Google Suggest and Netvibes.
Yet some friends around me are happy to try new apps and services, even in beta. Geeks seem to have an insatiable desire for perfection. I’m no geek. But once in a while, the long-awaited service is so exciting that you just can’t wait to try that service. You need an invitation. Here you may need InviteShare.
InviteShare is a place to send and receive invitations to websites that are currently in private beta.
You can help other geeks: Have some invitations that you want to get off your hands? Why not share them with others!

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