Love-in-Action Foundation:

Why we support Love-in-Action:
The Love-in-Action Foundation, an independent Chinese voluntary organization, was created in 1995 on the initiative of Chinese Christians to promote education, social services, health, and rural development in the minority areas of the west China.
Abiding by the principle of mutual respect in faith, Love-in-Action builds friendship with people at home and abroad. Through the promotion of holistic development and public welfare, Love-in-Action serves society, benefits the people, and strives to promote world peace.
In this way, Love-in-Action Foundation:
• contributes to China’s social development and openness to the outside world,
• makes Christian involvement and participation in meeting the needs of society more widely known to the Chinese people,
• serves as a channel for people-to-people contact and the ecumenical sharing of resources.
Since its founding , China Business Watch has been supporting Love-in-Action Foundation.

What We Do:
Disaster Relief Program

Help Orphans Program

Scholarships Program for Children of Migrant Workers

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