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Some 570,000 Chinese children are orphans. 80% of them live in the countryside - in poor, underdeveloped regions where there is no infrastructure to help them. Almost one-third of all orphans are in urgent need of help but do not receive any support.

(the orphan brother and sister) (bedroom & living room)

(rigth: the orphan and his bed)

The Love-in-Action Foundation has provided financial support to almost 600 orphans since 2002. In order to boost help for orphans, Love-in-Action and a group of volunteers began working on “Action e 10,000″ this spring - the first internet-based help project for Chinese orphans. Its aim is to mobilize internet users for the support of 10,000 orphans in China’s rural areas.(left: a kid with new gift) (right: kids are ready for gifts)
The “Action e 10,000″is already running. A big event is planned for the official launch of the project on Saturday, 1 May 2008, at a Shanghai bookstore. “Action e 10,000″ is supported by newspapers and several business enterprises in Shanghai.
The orphans need your help! Click here to go to our “donations” page.

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