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Over 42 million people in China still live below the official poverty line - less than US$80 per year individual income.
This means children from economically poor families have little chance to attend school. Unfortunately, a lack of proper formal education further aggravates poverty and hampers necessary social development.
With basic daily survival needs difficult to meet, children’s education is among the first casualties. This is particularly true for national minority families living in remote mountainous rural areas. Parents cannot afford basic text books and school supplies. Therefore, countless thousands of children have no chance to even finish primary school.
Under its Back to School Program, Love-in-Action currently sponsors children in 48 counties in 13 provinces, three autonomous regions and one municipality. More than 8,000 children were assisted in 2002 and over 15,000 in 2006. With your help, Love-in-Action hopes to double this number soon.

My Second Life
Little Tai Yanyan recently sent a thank you letter to a family that is supporting her return to primary school. She wrote:
“I was born in a small remote village. My family used to be very happy. I shared many wonderful dreams with my friends and each day we happily went to school. What a sweet childhood!
Suddenly, tragedy hit our family. My father, a migrant coal miner, was killed in a terrible accident. His death totally changed our lives, and sadness, like a dark cloud, hung over our family. We had no money and I was forced to quit school.
Fortunately for me, timely support from The Love-in-Action Foundation meant I could return to school. Now, when I walk along the winding path from my home to school, I find myself crying tears of joy.
I’m not good at saying brave words. But I am grateful to you because you gave me my second life. I will study hard and try my best to be a really compassionate person, just like many of you. This is my fondest wish.”
Please consider donating to Love-in-Action’s Back to School Program.

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