Scholarships for children of migrant workers

For several years, the Love-in-Action Foundation has run programs for migrant workers and their families, and above all for their children, who have little access to education. Since 2000, we have supported schools for the children of migrant workers in Nanjing, providing them with sports equipment, computers, desks and chairs and other teaching equipment. Love-in-Action has also sent teaching volunteers to these schools. In this way, Love-in-Action has managed to improve the conditions and raise the level of education.
Fees at these schools are lower than at normal schools. However, even these fees (more than 400 yuan per term) are difficult to pay for a considerable number of students, especially for those from families with many children, those with severely ill parents and those from single-parent families. Without help, a lot of these students drop out of school.
Love-in-Action has established a “Scholarship Program for Children of Migrant Workers”, cooperating with 12 schools for the children of migrant workers in Nanjing. At each of these schools, about 10 poor students with high levels of school achievement are subsidised with 500 yuan per term. This sum covers the school fees and the rest can be used to buy study material.
We hope that this new Love-in-Action program will help to make sure that more children of migrant workers who are on the brink of dropping out of school will go on receiving education.
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