SEO-friendly or User-friendly? Or Both?

SEO is an effective way to let your readers find your content. For example, If someone does a Google search for “China Business Watch” or “new economy”, you are actually giving Google the tools to help them find your site
We know that one of the ways to make our site SEO-friendly is to put a new set of keywords into your SEO basket. Because Proper keyword placement on your website is extremely important for your readers and for the search engines that will send you readers.
But overuse of keywords and overuse of SEO is not the best solution for Internet marketing, and all the seasoned Internet marketers all understand web content must be written for both the invisible search engines and their human prospects. We at China Business Watch would recommend a SEO-friendly or User-friendly approach to any website promotion.
You content should be good for the search engine “readers” or spiders. These spiders pick up their website and list it when their prospects are searching for their products.
How to make a websites SEO-friendly?
SEO covers many aspects of your website building, and I’ll talk more about it later. Here are some of the most effective and simple SEO tactics.
1.Use your keywords in:
· The titles of your articles or blog posts
· In text as you write using the bold, italics, underlining and emphasis tags
· The last sentence of your article.
· In the headers: for example the h1
· In the HTML code where in the ALT tags
· In the rest of your content based on your natural writing
2. Try to get reciprocal links from relevant sites.
How to make your blog User-friendly:
There are a couple of ways to make your blogs user-friendly instantly:
Be direct: People typically scan Internet pages looking for key information. So just say what your want to say in a direct manner. This can increase your productivy on your part, and increase the effective info intake on your readers’ part. In one word, when you are direct in expressing your ideas, you make things easier for your readers.
Write "short" : Be sure to keep your paragraphs short and break then up with subheads. People do not read pages on the Internet the same way they read pages in a book. I typically make my headline (Free printable legal documents) Heading 1 and my subheads a Heading 3. I also suggest you keep your paragraphs to three or four sentences at most.

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