How to protect your on-line business

Some readers ask us how to protect their on-line business. Well. this is a good question, yet a bit too broad.
Simply speaking, if You're Doing Business Online, the Law Requires That You Have the Proper Legal Forms on Your Web Site .
The above statement is not empty hype. For example:
The FTC is really ramping up to crack down on Internet Marketers and small eBusiness owners, and actively go after those of us that don't rigidly adhere to all their rules about disclosure and documentation! They filed 45 criminal and civil law enforcement actions against Internet Marketers, on May 15th alone.

A seemingly innocent omission from your Website, such as a privacy policy, opens the door for big legal headaches ... civil or criminal law suites ... maybe both. If you don't believe it, please visit and read the information at the following sites:

Introduction (FTC)
Enforcing Privacy Promises (FTC)
Privacy in Cyberspace

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