How To Easily Join The Online Community

Networking is the process of learning and doing. Here are some notable online communities.
StumbleUpon is a great site for people to share and find what interest them easily. StumbleUpon has a much higher proportion of Firefox users -- and in particular, a much larger proportion of people who use browser extensions. These are tech savvy people. You can see the charactertics of StumbleUpon.
I love MyBlogLog because it’s a good service. When you join MyBlogLog, you get many benefits . Here is a review of mybloglog for better use of it.
3. Twitter
Right along with Facebook, YouTube and blogging, Twitter is one of the most often written about social media communication tools. (Follow me @ Twitter.)
(by the way. to make the best use of Twitter and at the same time minimize the possible negative info noise, you can consult my former post of Management of Communication Medium: About Your Productivity Issue to get the most productivity out of it)
4. Blogcatlog
BlogCatalog is the place for bloggers to connect with other bloggers, become a better blogger, attract more blog readers, participate in groups and discussions, find the latest tools for your blog, and much more!
My BlogCatalog BlogRank
5. BUMPzee:another Platform for Blog Communities
Some tips of how to be a popular community member:
• Fill out your profile completely and include a picture or other avatar if possible. Your avatar is your identity online.
• Introduce yourself to the fellow bloggers.
• Write a blog post abut whatever you like.
• Be free to comment on blog posts or join other discussions in the forums.

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