MyBlogLog Let You Down? Why China Business Watch Changes MyBlogLog Widget

Some of the readers of China Business Watch have found that the MyBlogLog Recent Readers widget has been replaced by a green picture link for the readers to join China Business Watch MyBloglog Community
Frankly speaking, I’ve a rather mixed feeling of MyBlogLog. It’s a kind of love and hate feeling.
I love MyBlogLog because basically it’s a good service. When you join MyBlogLog, you get these benefits:
1, Your face on their page. Let people know you've been there.
2, Connect with readers and authors of sites you enjoy. Join communities, add contacts, show your support.
3, Get the Recent Reader widget. View stats on where they come from, what they view, and where they go.
But for the critical user of MyBlogLog, I recently observe the following downsides of MyBlogLog:
1. The update of the blog updates on MyBlogLog is not in real time. There is sometimes one or two days lag between the update of my blog and that of my MyBlogLog. So ,why not follow the update on a rss reader?
2. The widget provided by MyBlogLog occupies too much space of my blog.
3. When people click the visitor face on the MyBlogLog Recent Readers widget, the clicker will be directed to a new page of MyBlogLog. This viral marketing is good for MyBlogLog, but not for the blog owner.
So, I’ve decided to use a picture link to replace the Recent Readers widget.
If you want to Join China Business Watch MyBloglog Community, click the green picture at the sidebar or just Join China Business Watch MyBloglog Community! right here.

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