Niche Market Myth

Some marketers tell you to focus on niche market. They say that the key to success on the Net for the small business owner is to master an in-demand niche. For starter, this is a good advice, because with little experience, less is better. By focusing on the niche market, you can learn quickly and accumulate some in–depth knowledge in a certain subject. With a niche-focused business, your competition will be lower and it will be easier for targeted, interested visitors to find your Web site. This is a good start.

  • Niche market Keywords are Easier to rank. It is much easier to make your website rank well on search engines for niche market keywords because of the generally weaker competition.
  • Higher monetization potential. Niche market visitors are very valuable because they are targeted individuals who are seeking specific information and hence are more likely to click on contextual ads or subscribe to your blog feed. This grows your audience and allows you greater monetization potential in the long run through product sales or the use of third-party ad networks.
But many people who want to profit from blogging find that, the so-called niche market is fewer and fewer. In fact, it’s some overcrowded market. To a certain point, market saturation will be reached. According to our report on Blogging Making Money, on average, those blogs have a larger audience. Maybe the market in which your blogs fit into is a niche market, but you must blog about the niche market with a global vision and the right business strategy.
Therefore for those who start blogging as a serious business, some good business strategy such as a blue ocean strategy and a viable business model should be on your mind. Consider the possible threats to your biz before they come.
As China Business Watch understands it, the industry average is a good benchmark with which to measure your business. So we must focus on industry analysis and high-profile companies in the respective industry.,
And the fast changing business world demands us to watch and analyze the macro trend.

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