6 Industry Trends of 2008 in China

After analyzing the major industries, China Business Watch finds the 6 major industry trends of China in 2008. A good understanding of the major industry trends can help your make the right strategic decision.
1. Science and technology develops by heaps and bounds. For example. Patent applications exceed 268,000 in H1
2.Domestic consumption gives opportunity to investment opportunity, and international aviation and telecom sectors attract the largest investment.
we find that New Guangzhou Airport IT Company Forms and
57 Boeing 737s for Xiamen Airlines means more investment in the infrastructure.
On the other hand, in the Telecom sector Number of China's cellphone users grows by record 9.46 mln in February , which lead people to wonder if 3G Networks Coming Soon?
3. Cooperation between local companies and international giants are commonplace and accelerating.
Gome Cooperates With Microsoft To Promote Operating Systems
Nokia Siemens Networks to build GSM-Rail network for Wuhan to Guangzhou line
Tiger Ethanol International Enters Into China Supply Agreement
4. Some foreign giants are expanding their market share in China aggressively.
PAY88 Expanding Products To Shanghai
Tiger Ethanol Places Plant In Xinjiang
GobiMin Aims To Churn Earth In Xinjiang
5.Go green: the concern for environment and environmental protection is definitely a trend for the yeats to come.
More Money for Clean Up the environment,
Coal industry urged to speed up energy saving
China SEPA is Promoted
6. Policies are very supportive:
Anti-monopoly law not to affect foreign investment
NDRC: China welcomes foreign investment in hi-tech industry

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