Widgetbucks? Can you really make money with Widgetbucks?

As a faithful reader of your China Business Watch blog, I noticed a few days ago that you have added a new graphical element with the words"Widgetbucks" on the sidebar. Cool. What is it?

China Business Watch's Answer:
Truth be told, I'm pretty skeptical of new ad networks and was not initially inspired to add Widgetbucks.com to my site - partially since it's a kinda daft name, but mostly because I strongly believe that the net value of all advertising is inversely proportional to the quantity and overtness of the ads. Put another way, too many ads will kill ya!
Nonetheless, my long-time friend Kevin Conn told me that he was doing pretty well with Widgetbucks.com, which he'd added to a few of his own sites, and I decided that, what the heck, I'd put some up and see what kind of results I attain.
If you haven't figured it out yet, that's the banner on the right side that looks like this:
Earn $$ with WidgetBucks!
As with all of these services, there are a variety of different sizes and shapes to fit different needs and space requirements. Note that there are custom code blocks for Typepad, Blogger and Wordpress, along with generic HTML that can be added anywhere.Is it paying off? Well, it's too soon to tell, but I will say that I've earned about $40 in a few days of running the ads on the site. Not a massive payout considering the traffic here, but multiply it out and that's an additional $5000 or so annually, which is nothing to sneeze at!If you'd like to check out Widgetbucks.com, please go ahead and sign up through my affiliate link: you'll get the exact same deal -- including $25 just for signing up! -- and it'll help us keep our lights on here at China Business Watch. Thanks!

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