Blogrush or Entrecard: Which is Your Favorite?

For many bloggers and website owners, Blogrush and Entrecard are not strange to them.
Blogrush was quite a buzz when it’s launched. Blogrush utilizes a viral concept which operates via a multi level structure. This means that you get more traffic when you refer more people (who in turn refer others) to sign up and use Blogrush. Yet bloggers seem to be quite passive in deciding how their contents are syndicated in the network., but the good point is that this can prevent some forms of attempts to cheat the Blogrush system, definitely a good thing.
Entrecard is gaining momentum and it has secured some financing from investors. In fact, Entrecard is viral in nature too, and card-dropping of Entrecard means more credits for the owner of the blog. In this regard, blog owners can be more active if they want more credits or exposure for their blogs. Some Tips Roundup of Entrecard are suggested. This form of activeness on the part of the bloggers is understandable and harmless, as long as it doesn’t go to the extreme. And some sites are dedicated to the selling of Entrecard credits.
For me, both Blogrush and Entrecard can bring many visitors to my site. If you want to aggressively engage in pushing your site, both Blogrush and Entrecard are ok. If you don’t want to be very active, Entrecard can be your choice if your content is attractive.

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Fransiska Ike said...

I prefer the latter than the former. :)

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