How to Make Blogs Load Faster

Speaking of how to make blogs load faster, we have to mention Twitter. Twitter is a great site, but what makes some of my friends somewhat dislike it is its slow loading speed. Just as China Business Watch has mentioned in Some Suggestions for All Bloggers, fast loading speed is definitely a good impression for your sites. Cut the non-essential elements, use java script with caution as it can slow your sites down.
So, we have given China Business Watch a makeover, and you guess what, the loading speed has improved greatly.
We do only two things:
Firstly, minimize the use of Feedburner Feedflares in our template, thought you must admit Feedburner Feedflares: Great Way to Promote Blog Content. The minimal use of Feedburner Feedflares turns out to be the biggest speed booster, to our amazement. In retrospect, Feedflares really slow blogs down.
Secondly, we change the MyBlogLog widget. This helps a bit.
These are two of the simplest and yet most effective way to make your blog load faster, but more one word, what works for China Business Watch doesn’t necessarily work for you, so you have to figure it out yourself.
And it seems China Business Watch is not alone in speeding up the loading speed of websites. We got the news from Biz Stone and the Twitter Team:
“We've given Twitter a makeover since our last email. The web site is lighter, quicker, prettier, and more simplified--but the most significant change is in the sidebar. We've moved the tabs from above the timeline to the right side. They're bigger targets now and this arrangement gives us us the flexibility to add more interesting features in the future. ”
Twitter now offers some simple themes:
“If you enjoy mixing things up every now and then, please explore our new design themes. To customize the way Twitter looks for you, start with a pre-designed theme and then optionally customize it with your own colors and background. Our interactive design feature actually changes the look of Twitter itself--not just your profile page.”
We wish Twitter now can load as fast as China Business Watch blog, and if you have other clever ways to make blogs load faster, do comment below.

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