Some Suggestions for All Bloggers

As the veteran Internet marketers, we have accumulated a lot of experiences, by trial and error. Here we have some suggestions for all bloggers to share.
1. The loading speed. Fast loading speed is definitely a good impression for your sites. Cut the non-essential elements, use java script with caution as it can slow your sites down.
2. The overall layout of the blog.
The first rule of layout is to make the navigation easy and user-friendly. Good categorization is a must.
Keep the essential information on your sites. Some elements of the layout is almost essential, such as About me page, privacy policy, copyright notice, contact page. These are the first steps to build trust and reputation as a trusted blogger.
Try to make your layout clean and attractive. Too many colors on your sites should be avoided. Consider if do you need a logo. And choose a beautiful template for your site.
3. Minimize the irritating factors.
Irritating factors are many: too many subscribe buttons, too many social network buttons, too many third-party services. Some of these buttons look really fancy, but it can confuse the readers and distract their attention from your main content. For an instance, see Why China Business Watch Changes MyBlogLog Widget .
Another major irritating factor is overdeployment of ads. Ads are generally the bread and butter of bloggers. However, they're also the most likely to irritate readers. To keep a happy balance, focus on relevance and make sure that you're not overloading your blog with too many ads.
It should go without saying that you should absolutely not use every single one of these ad programs, either. Rather, pick a handful and rotate them until you find what that works the best for your blog.

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